3 TRACKS MALE - FEMALE top writer - SINGERS Required 50% 50%

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3 TRACKS MALE - FEMALE top writer - SINGERS Required 50% 50%

What we need : MALE - FEMALE TOP LIRICS - which it provides for lyrics and recordings !!!!! TOP LIRICS REQUIRED !!!! ILL PROVIDE produced TRACKS AS FAST AS YOU CLOSE ONE THE 2ND IS THERE.. ECC ECC NO VISRTUOSISM OR TO MUCH VIBRATO AIRY VOCALS NATURAL COMPRESS OF THE TROATH PERFECT TIMING CONDENSER MIKROFONE NO FX TOP LIRICS H I T ORIENTED / Take your time please What you received : 50% per cent of any entry come from our products. ANY TIME YOU WILL RECEIVED 2 FILES - B A S E - B A S E + GUIDE LINE VOCals to inspired you. Transparency, professionally is guaranteed from me 100% with really top POP R&B Tracks. PITCH YOUR BEST AND ILL OPEN THE WORK SPACE TO SEND YOU THE 1ST TRACK you are choosing from the reference tracks down here. UK US ORIENTED LIRICS REQUIRED - P O P N R&B WE SPLIT 50% 50% Everything clear? waiting for your pitch to coming in.. Alex Lucien Moaca --- Location: Type of work: Either - Attended/Remote Specific terms: 30% of any income. 1000€ - 300€ 5000€ - 1500 10.000 - 3000

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Pop R&B
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