Music Needed For New TV Show - Dave / UKTV Channel

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Music Needed For New TV Show - Dave / UKTV Channel

We’re working with an established independent TV production company who are in process of filming and editing a new TV show for Dave to be aired in Autumn 2015. The show will be filmed in a studio as a live show with an audience. In essence, it’s a gameshow based around the subject matter of crowd funding with a Comic to direct the proceedings. A brand new concept which will be fronted by a well known successful UK comedian, TV presenter, actor. We are looking for a theme tune for the show. We will need 25 second piece - for signature theme / opening and closing titles, 3 second sting (happy / sad stings), 3 second bumper for either side of ad break. The brief is to compose a piece of music which is catchy, instrumental, lighthearted, comic but not cheesy. Not too jeopardy heavy either. Big melodic hook. We’ve been given Terry and June TV theme (for the melodic hook / comedy) crossed with Countdown theme (for tension and tempo) as a strap line for the musical direction. The composition may lend itself more towards the male viewer. QI theme tune, Top Gear theme tune also referenced. Please submit demo ideas. --- Composer needed for: Compose original piece of music and submit demo idea. Specific terms: Budget will be available to pay for the master rights and publishing copyright so you will need to control both sides 100%

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