Next chart topping single for Anda wanted - Major song placement deal on offer

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Budget: $3,750 - $15,000

Pitching Period: 42 days



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Next chart topping single for Anda wanted - Major song placement deal on offer

We're looking for the next single for Anda following the success of her first releases "Mastering" and "Touch". "Touch" has just been released and in 1 day gained over 30,000 views and is still growing. She has a great fan base. We'd like to hear more hit songs that Anda could sing for her next single. We go for a mixture of hip hop, pop & dance elements. We like attitude for Anda as well as showing her fun, light hearted side so bare this in mind. Please pitch with examples of your music on your profile and attach/refer one track to us for our quick review. If we like your song(s) we will then accept you into the project workspace where you can upload a selection of songs for us to show to Anda. If your song is selected we shall present you with a deal. Terms Master Rights: Successful songs placed with Anda will be acquired for a fee at an agreed amount. This will cover the buyout of the song's master rights. Publishing Rights: KDM are authorized to re-record the vocals and re-write the lyrics in a non-English language. If the lyrics do not translate, new lyrics will be written. Therefore the publishing share for the Writers will reduce by 25% pro-rata for each writer, with the total share being 75% for the Writers and 25% for the new lyricist. Sub-Publishing in Asia: We have strong relations in Asia so we would be happy to handle the sub-publishing for any successful songs if you are in need of it. --- Publishing / Sub Publishing Details: To Be Decided

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Dance Pop R&B Hip Hop K-Pop
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