BioBeats Looking for Music for our New App - Get On Up

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BioBeats Looking for Music for our New App - Get On Up

BioBeats, the adaptive media company, is looking for rights holders to license music from, to feature on their newest app. We are looking for several artists to contribute stable BPM songs for inclusion in the app's private beta launch. The songs will be tested with their private beta audience and popular tracks may be added to the final app with the possibility to be included on up to 1 million new Samsung devices (as a pre-installed app). After successful beta, we're looking to implement the following the payment plan: Two tiers of use, free and premium. Users on the free tier can only play Creative Commons music. They can not play licensed songs on-demand and face a number of other restrictions including limited song skips as well as being interrupted by advertising. The Premium tier gives users unlimited music at the highest quality and they are never shown advertisements. This tier costs $9.99 per month. BioBeats will pay royalties for all of the listening that occurs on our service by distributing nearly 70% of all the revenues that we receive back to rights holders. By “rights holders,” we are referring to the owners of the music that is on Get On Up: labels, publishers, distributors, and, through certain digital distributors, independent artists themselves. We pay out nearly 70% of our total revenue to rights holders. We retain approximately 30%: The company is backed by Will Smith, DJ Justin Boreta, DJ Eric Sharp, Cantora Records, The Far East Movement, Scooter Braun, AXA / PPP Healthcare Corporation, and Samsung Global Innovation. Please pitch with your best song or refer us to the best track(s) on your Music Gateway profile. If successful we'll accept you through to the workspace where you'll be able to upload up to three tracks for our consideration. Thanks and we're looking forward to your pitches!

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