U.S. School Tour Needs Manager / Roadie for 4 months

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U.S. School Tour Needs Manager / Roadie for 4 months

Reverse the Trend is a non-profit music program created by the band Reverse Order to help combat the rise of bullying in schools. The program is 40min long, and there will be 1-4 performances a day, 5 days a week. It consists of 6 songs, and a mentoring segment in which the band speaks to students about overcoming bullying in a safe and positive way. This is a very busy tour that will provide a great experience both in the music business, and having fun touring the country. This will be a very small crew (3 band members and you) so we will be sharing hotel rooms (1 room / 4 people per night). You must be okay with sharing a bed, and living in close quarters. We will be starting our drive in New Jersey and our first show will be in New Mexico. If you are along route we can pick you up, otherwise you will have to find another way of getting yourself onto and off of the tour. We will cover the gas and hotel expenses, however you will be in charge of covering your own food. We stay with many people across the country who will often provide meals, and we have some restaurants who provide as well. We will be able to pay you $165 per week. (Total of around $2500 for the full tour, payable weekly through Music Gateway upon successful acceptance of the project.) We will be leaving NJ on February 12th and arriving in New Mexico on February 16th for our first show February 17th. Requirements: Must be 21+ Must have a driver's license and be comfortable driving an SUV with a trailer Must be able to lift and carry equipment Must be outgoing and easy to get along with Responsibilities: You will be in charge of speaking with the schools and venues about loading in, water, and any other needs of the band the day of the show. During load in we will need your help bringing in the equipment, and during the show you will be in charge of sound, and making sure our vocals are loud enough during the speeches. (The sound is very simple and easy to run. Most things will be preset.) When there is a regular show at a venue (as we are a full original band as well) , you will be in charge of handling the merch table. We take 2 hour drive shifts so it is important that you feel comfortable behind the wheel of an SUV and trailer. We will also need you to help keep up with our social media posting photos and videos of the band, as well as getting press releases out to newspaper, radio, and news channels. This is a very structured tour and a great experience for someone looking to get into tour managing, or someone seasoned looking to get back on the road and try something new! We can't wait to hit the road with you and have some fun! :) --- Project owner is: Rock Band / Non-Profit Estimated number of shows on tour: 150 Tour teritorries: US Tour start/end dates: 17 February 2016 - 27 May 2016 Travel expenses: Covered Means of travel: SUV and Trailer

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