Radio-oriented music needed in many genres

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Radio-oriented music needed in many genres

Get paid for having your music played in business venues around the world - RadioSparx sells music service to thousands of stores, restaurants, gyms, chains, hotels, airlines, and many other types of businesses. We are growing rapidly and we have an on-going need for high-quality vocal and instrumental music to meet our client's continual needs for new and exciting music. Top-selling genres include Pop, EDM, RnB, Dance, Lounge, Chillout, Relaxation/Spa, Latin Pop, Latin Easy Listening, and more. Both singles and albums welcome. RadioSparx generates recurring monthly subscription fees from our clients, hence creates a nice continuous revenue stream for you. To learn more and apply to participate, please pitch and we'll proceed from there. We look forward to hearing your music. Free to Participate - We do require a perpetual non-exclusive license, you are free to license your music to other parties at any time. _________________________________________________________________ Company Background - In business for 20 years now, AudioSparx provides a comprehensive set of B2B and B2C services for thousands of world-class music artists and composers around the world. Here is what we do specifically: B2B services include .... ■ AudioSparx - Music Licensing services, including synchronization and mechanical licensing for film, tv, corporate, the Internet, software/apps/games, etc. - Earn money for each commercial placement of your music in all different types of commercial projects and productions ■ RadioSparx - Commercial background music service provider for thousands of business clients around the world - Earn residual money for the subscription-based playback of your music in businesses (stores, restaurants, chains, gyms, hotels, etc.) ■ Publishing Administration (optional) - We provide publishing administration services for commercial and creative placements we obtain - Earn residual performance royalties for the use of your music in broadcast productions ■ Internet monetization on Content ID (optional) - Earn residual money for the use of your music in videos on YouTube B2C services include.... ■ Digital distribution (optional) - We distribute to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and over 30 other retail decks as well as over 50 telcos around the world for ringtone sales ■ Creation and digital distribution to all the leading retail decks of both singles and compilation albums for retail sales and consumer music streaming around the world - Earns money for downloads and streaming activity. Join the Digital Revolution today at AudioSparx It's always free to participate - Please submit an artist application today and let's get your music online. Top artists get a VIP pass to fast-track your acceptance!! --- --- Project to sign a: Individual/Group Project open for: World

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Ambient Blues Jazz Classical Dance Electronica Folk World Country Funk Soul Latin Pop R&B Swing Rap Hip Hop Reggae Rock Metal House Techno Drum&Bass Trance EDM Gospel Garage Soundtrack Indie Alternative Punk Dubstep Orchestral Disco Retro Trap Trip Hop K-Pop Deep House Ballad
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