Keyboard/Synth wizard/co-producer wanted.

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Keyboard/Synth wizard/co-producer wanted.

I am putting together an electro/guitar-pop band and I am seeking a Keyboard/Synth wizard (London based) who is tech savvy when it comes to modern sounds and production/programming etc, and to act as a co-producer with myself. This project has been studio based for the last few years, and we have compiled a really strong catalogue of songs and recordings which have received much critical acclaim and numerous airplays and reviews. The music is VERY MELODIC with interesting chord structures, unpredictable key changes. The new band will be launched under a revised name and I will manage the band. I have a background in music business and I will endeavour to take this band all the way. There are potentially massive hit singles in our repertoire. Our music has been likened to artists including OMD, Bowie, Billy Mackenzie (Associates) and Pet Shop Boys. The songs are already written and the music side is taken care of. However, if you write suitable lyrics, a collaboration is possible. Please have a listen to the 10-song medley in my profile, and if you think your skills are a match for creating and performing this style of music, I'd love to hear from you.

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Electronica Pop Indie
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