EDM/Hip Hop Fusion Songs with Fun, Synthy Sound (Must be Danceable) for Popular Korean Artist - ANDA

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EDM/Hip Hop Fusion Songs with Fun, Synthy Sound (Must be Danceable) for Popular Korean Artist - ANDA

We are looking for Two different styles of EDM songs to place with a popular Korean artist - ANDA. See below for the style guidelines. Style/Guidelines (PLEASE READ IN FULL): We need a strong EDM song with a killer top-line melody. Preferably with demo vocals. TWO STYLES OF BEATS (So feel free to submit 2 songs of slightly different styles): *** FIRST STYLE SONG- CLUB EDM (4 TO THE FLOOR BEAT): *** The EDM track has to have a strong, powerful and energetic dance beat in the chorus. If Anda can't make a dance sequence to it it won't work. So this is VERY Important. She regularly bases her tracks around dancing in live performances and music videos. Listen to The AOA track and both Calvin Harris Tracks in the reference files for this style of beat. *** SECOND STYLE SONG (HIP HOP/SYNTH/CLUB/POP): *** We would like more of a Hip-Hop Beat but ideally with Synths added. The majority of Anda's previous tracks have very Hip Hop style beats. If you listen to the song "Roses" by The Chainsmokers (in the reference section) this is a great example of fusing EDM with that kind of Hip Hop beat. PLEASE NOTE: In the reference files, we have referenced the type of EDM tracks we wish to hear along with Anda’s previous singles, which are more Hip Hop, please just notice her voice and how it would fit with your EDM track. They are looking to expand her music into EDM for certain tracks for her upcoming album but may wish a fusion of club/hip hop beats. If good enough the track may be released as a single. Please refer us to songs in your profile of a similar nature/to show us you're previous work, if we accept your pitch we'll ask you to upload your relevant tracks for our shortlisting process. TERMS OF SONG DEAL Master Rights: Successful songs placed with our artist will be acquired for a fee at an agreed amount. This will cover the buyout of the song's master rights. Publishing Rights: KDM are authorized to re-record the vocals and re-write the lyrics in a non-English language. If the lyrics do not translate, new lyrics will be written. Therefore the publishing share for the Writers will reduce by 25% pro-rata for each writer, with the total share being 75% for the Writers and 25% for the new lyricist. Sub-Publishing in Asia: We have strong relations in Asia so we would be happy to handle the sub-publishing for any successful songs if you are in need of it.

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House EDM K-Pop
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