Commissioning remixes for a new 'Adaptive' music tech called Weav.

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Budget: £250 - £500



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Commissioning remixes for a new 'Adaptive' music tech called Weav.

I have an opportunity where I am commissioning music from Artists / Remixers / Producers / Labels for a brand new music tech. We are looking for many different types of music such as: - All Dance Music - Electronica - Hip Hop - Pop - Drum and Bass - Rock Weav lets musicians make 'adaptive music' that can change its tempo from 60 to 240 bpm and still sound awesome. Our embedded player then facilitates new and delightful musical experiences in running, dancing, skiing, lovemaking, gaming, Djing etc. Our budget per track is between £250 - £500 per mix as a fee. Please watch the videos so you get a better idea of what's involved. Adaptive Music: WEAV allows multiple audio stems of different tempos to be combined into one, single 'adaptive' mix. The tempo of this mix is controllable and can vary between 60 and 240 bpm whilst still being musically and sonically coherent. Not only that, but it offers a completely new musical dimension to the composer who has the ability to alter texture, harmony, rhythm or any aspect of their musical arrangement with changes in tempo. A piece of music made with WEAV is no longer one single, unchanging piece of audio as with conventional tracks, but is able to take the listener on many different, varied musical journeys depending on which tempos are set during playback. For the listener, the tempo may be controlled either manually or automatically depending on the context in which it is used and the type of app which they listen to the adaptive music through. It could be set to follow predetermined tempo variations, or in other contexts it might be controlled in realtime by sensors detecting parameters such as heart rate, eye movement or many other variables. It's an exclusive license for 10 years in this 'adaptive format' so you are free to use and release your 'static' track as you will in all other ways. (streaming services, sync, downloads etc). We just need to know you are the master recording and composition (publishing) owner or have this simple sign off in-house before proceed.

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Ambient Dance Electronica Funk Soul Latin Pop R&B Rap Hip Hop Reggae Rock Metal House Techno Drum&Bass Trance EDM Garage Indie Dubstep Disco Trip Hop K-Pop Deep House Soca
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