$2k-$5k Pop/Dance/Indie Music Needed for Red Carpet TV Programmes

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$2k-$5k Pop/Dance/Indie Music Needed for Red Carpet TV Programmes

We're looking for music that would be suitable to be placed with a Red Carpet coverage show. The tracks would be placed while the show is being summarised, nominees are being discussed and interviews are being made. The main genres we're looking for are pop/dance/indie however we're open to other genres as long as the music is relevant to the brief. Have a listen to the reference tracks to get a better idea of the genre we're looking for. Please make sure you submit recordings with the highest possible quality as they can potentially get placed. Please do not pitch any demos to this project. The submitted tracks will be then reviewed and a select number of relevant tracks will be submitted to our client for their consideration. PLEASE NOTE: - Only pitch if your profile is complete with examples of your work. - If accepted through to the workspace, please upload the tracks in 320 kbps MP3s. - The tracks must NOT include uncleared samples. - Details regarding the terms will be discussed/clarified if our client shows interest in your talent. - You will be kept up to date with any progress of your pitch.

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Dance Pop Indie
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