Looking for music tracks for my run-to-the-beat music podcast.

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Looking for music tracks for my run-to-the-beat music podcast.

Requesting vocal music for a music podcast with a BPM between 145 and 180 for jogging and running exactly to the beat. I produce and host the JogTunes Indie Podcast. Each episode features great indie tracks, arranged in a sequence by BPM (beats-per-minute = steps-per-minute) that includes a walking or jogging warm-up, jogging and running, and a walking cool-down. A new episode is published every month and is instantly available on iTunes, on our website, in many podcast directories, and in our app, JogTunes II. I provide brief voice overs with info about the artists and the BPMs. Each episode is downloaded an average of 1500 times by the end of the month and as much as 3000 times by the end of 10 months. The show notes list all the tracks, artists websites, and iTunes and Amazon purchase links, if available. There is no reimbursement for tracks. Please send royalty free tracks and permission to play them. Please also send your primary website, home base city, and a preferred image or internet source of photos. If you have BPM data, please send that as well. Information about your listings on iTunes and Amazon would also be helpful. Please do not send explicit tracks. Radio edits are fine. I look forward to playing your music!

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