Looking for a vocalist to sing a cover version of It Just Won't Do - Tim Deluxe

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Looking for a vocalist to sing a cover version of It Just Won't Do - Tim Deluxe

Hi, I'm creating a cover version of Tim Deluxe's song, 'It Just Won't Do'. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHrhCYlLAMs) I've re-created the instrumental (attached), so I am looking for a female vocalist to sing, record and provide the vocal stems for this new version. Happy to explore different timbres/vocal styles but an emotional performance is crucial. Lyrics Verse 1 My eyes, they cannot see
 Other guys that are cuter
 And my ears they cannot hear
 My friends say 
I should walk away 

 Verse 2 
My knees they don't go weak
 They don't go giddy-up
 When you don't call me 
 And my head It doesn't spin 
So don't try me, with your sweet nothings CHORUS But my heart, it won't obey
 It won't do, without you
 My doggone heart, it won't obey 
It just won't do, without you
 Verse 3 
My mind is buggin' out 
 When I think you're it 
 See me run
 Lickedy split
 And my toes watch them curl
 So don't call me babe cause I ain't your little girl

 La la la la part

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House Deep House
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