Looking with a producer to work on current pitches

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Looking with a producer to work on current pitches

Hi there, my name is Paul William Lloyd, I am a composer who specialises in writing for film, tv and new media. I have recently managed to get an agent and i'm looking for a mix engineer/ producer and master engineer to produce my stuff. my agent keeps getting me in some really high budget pitches but I think my work produced is not showing it's true potential. Therefore I need a producer on my team to work closely with me to achieve the sound needed. please check out https://www.bandpage.com/paulwilliamlloyd for music. The agreement would be a percentage to be discussed per project, this will be a great oppertunity for somoene looking to break into the industry, I'm sure togeather we can get the work and have a nice income. My rig £30,000 virtal instruments Rig 64gb Ram, 12 core, 4.82ghz Template Vienna Ensemble pro 400 Instrument set up per genre Compostion use Reaper and Ableton synced via ethernet Mixing - Pro Tools Look forward to hearing from you Paul
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