Singer & Pianist seeking Visual Blues Band in the style of Tim Burton's Animations

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Singer & Pianist seeking Visual Blues Band in the style of Tim Burton's Animations

Pianist/Vocalist looking to start an exciting new visually theatrical performance group with phenomenal blues musicians for originals and covers based in London. Visuals are Dark Cabaret-esque inspired by Tim Burton and will need quirky and fantastic entertaining musicians who can really engage an audience. mprovisational skills are absolutely necessary for most of the songs we'll be performing, as there will be tons of solos and ensemble improv involved! If Drummer, Guitarist, Double Bassist and Violinist can provide backing vocals, it would really be a fantastic bonus! Of course, it's not just songs from Tim Burton movies we're gonna be performing. Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Bruce Springsteen's Seeger Sessions Band, are to name a minute few. There'll also be originals after a good month of gigging. Strictly for larger events, festivals and paid gigs. Once band established, we will discuss the general rates for the band. Please contact if you think this sounds like something you'd want. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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