Looking for a Producer to Produce + Mix my new Single

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Looking for a Producer to Produce + Mix my new Single

The song I want to work on is called "White Flag" One of the most important lines in the song is "A PhD in Pacificity, I would never start a war, and thus the day came, and thus the day came, should've fought a little more". The song is about my personality, I am a pacifist and I avoid confrontation as best I can. I came up with the idea for the song while thinking about the things in my life that would be worth fighting for...and if the day came for me to fight, would I do it? I've already written the lyrics, melody and basic chords. Each verse is full of alliteration that ultimately spell out the word PACIFY because I like to challenge my writing skills whenever i get the opportunity (audio file of Live performance was of the incomplete song). I am looking for help taking this song from "singer/songwriter style" to a more produced, studio version.

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