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We're excited to be working with NUA Entertainment - an independent record label who are currently looking to check out submissions from the Music Gateway community for potential signings! The NUA Entertainment team work closely with a carefully selected group of artists, and their management to help all involved realise their creative and commercial goals. They are 100% independent, so they have the flexibility, and agility to take advantage of all opportunities that may arise for both the company and their artists. Their roster includes the likes of Charlie Simpson and you can check out some of the music of their talented artists within the reference files. We're looking to put forward artists/bands in the following genres: 1. Credible organic pop/rock 2. Indie pop/indie rock/electronic indie 3. Folk/Indie Folk Please include information about your gigging/press history and what you're currently up to within your pitch messages.

Video Reference

Charlie Simpson - Emily
Beaty Heart - Flora
Club Drive - Leaving
Liv Austen - Don't Regret a Single One
Pete Gardiner - Pretty Smiles

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