$5,000 - $10,000 EDM / Pop Tracks Needed for Emerging Chinese Boyband


Project Owner: MusicGatewayAnR

Project Type: Find Music / Songs

Budget: Terms

Pitching Period: CLOSED

Time Remaining: CLOSED


This one is a bit of a weird brief but we're going to roll with it as it's come and see what you guys can do... We're working with a large entertainment company based in Asia currently looking for tracks for a new and exciting Chinese boyband. They are signed to China's biggest pop label. With a current gap in the Chinese music market with regards to boybands, multiple labels are currently investing in the development of boybands, this being the most promising act with the biggest backing. With this one we've been told they're looking for EDM / K-Pop / Pop Rock - I appreciate they are very different styles but that's the brief! Take a look at the reference files, they should help. A quick note from our client: "Chinese boy bands are NOT K-pop bands. There are of course similarities, but they have actually largely referenced Chinese/Taiwanese & Western songs. Please listen to the references closely, don't just think 'oh they will probably want K-pop demos." We're open to demo submissions, but just keep in mind - the higher the quality of your demo, the bigger the chance for it to be placed. We're looking forward to checking your submissions out!

Video Reference

EXO-K_MAMA_Music Video (Korean ver.)
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
One Direction - Drag Me Down

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