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We're excited to offer one of our members the chance to head to Bucharest, Romania, for this years Mastering the Music Business conference with a free conference pass. The event is dedicated to uniting independent artists from across the globe and providing a platform to exchange and share ideas. Now in its second edition, the 2017 event is set to feature workshops and talks held by key industry professionals from Romania and the rest of the world. In addition, each day is set to feature a showcase from a selection of global independent artists, held at The Fratelli, one of Romania's leading music venues. Last but not least, top production company Hahaha Production will be holding a series of workshops in songwriting and production and joining them will be Serban Cazan, a prominent figure in Romanian song writing. The Romanian music industry has come along way over the last two decades with Bucharest now being home to top European festivals, radio stations and labels. Accompanying this is an emerging underground scene making the city a great location for emerging independent artists and professionals. Pitch on this project to be considered for selection by the Music Gateway team. We only have one ticket so make sure your pitch counts! Note: We are offering one free ticket for Mastering the Music Business for a member of our site- this does not include costs of travel and accommodation.

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