I want to find a producer / master engineer with the right touch


Project Owner: aonghus

Project Type: Mastering

Budget: £40 - £100

Pitching Period:

Time Remaining:


Hello. I'm looking to find a master engineer for ongoing releases. I am gathering material for a third album but there could be single releases too and collaboration projects. I may be looking for two different types of ear. I have some softer pieces with lots of detail and space that requires a sensitivity and understanding of that kind of music. Then I also make more punchier groove music. And that means someone who has experience with UKG - House - Nu-disco. Raising the energy with the right amount of squash. And sometimes the softer track turns into a dance track. If you can do both great but just one of these would be ace. The problems I've had before with the dancier stuff, is pumping and sucking when there shouldn't be and more generally, added global effects like reverb and chorus when there shouldn't be. So, I want to find a person who can relate to my music. Even like it. And I'm going to be making and releasing music for a long time so, it would be nice find that right somebody. Please have a listen to the reference files.

Audio Reference

Aonghus - NYC - Downtown - Fulton Street
Aonghus - NYC - Williamsburg Bridge
Aonghus - Bright Lights Big Love - 02 Cowboy
Aonghus - Bright Lights Big Love - 07 Far Away Look

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