Ballads from Multiple Genres Needed for Asian Female Artist


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Please read full description before pitching! One of our clients in Asia is looking for songs for one of their female acts. She is hugely popular and has recently appeared on a TV Show which has catapulted her back into the public eye. The client is looking for Ballad style songs across multiple genres. They have given 4 requirements which are listed below. Across all 4 songs, the vocal melodies should be more complex and expressive as she is known for her vocal talent. Song 1 - This should be a sad, mid tempo rock ballad. This track should not be heavy, think Catatonia and Echobelly but more melancholic and expressive vocally. Song 2 - A slow indie/rock ballad. They would specifically like this song to start sad or in a minor key but lift to a happier feel in the choruses and to end the song. The reference given for this song is 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' by Oasis. Song 3 - Electronic ballad. This is what would be considered in Western music as a soft pop/dance song. The reference for this song is 'Paris' by The Chainsmokers. This song can either be solo or duet. Song 4 - Sexy, ambient ballad. Songs for this brief should be minimal, atmospheric and sexy. The reference for this one is 'K' by Cigarettes After Sex. PLEASE NOTE: Songs must be unsigned and unpublished. If accepted into the Workspace, you'll need to change the filename to include the song number you're putting it forward to e.g. Song 1 - Track Title We look forward to hearing your submissions.

Video Reference

Catatonia- Dazed, Beautiful and Bruised
Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out
The Chainsmokers - Paris (Lyric)
K. - Cigarettes After Sex

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