URGENT: Looking for Pop/Rock Tracks with reference to America/American Culture


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We are looking for Pop, Rock and Pop Rock tracks with reference to America, American Culture and 'The American Dream' within its lyrical content for an upcoming Sync Placement. With this Brief, we are not being too restrictive in terms of the genre of the tracks submitted. Ideally we are looking for Pop Rock style tracks, but this is flexible. The lyrical content and themes are far more important and should be heavily focused towards America and topics surrounding American Culture. This can include: growing up in the States, working in America, chasing the 'American Dream' and so on. This is quite an open brief so we look forward to hearing what you have to offer! For a better understanding of the type of themes we are looking for take a look at the reference tracks

Video Reference

Lenny Kravitz - American Woman
Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl
Bowling For Soup - 1985

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