Looking for Middle Eastern Style Tracks for an Upcoming Film


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We are looking for Middle Eastern Style Tracks to be used for a Sync Placement for an upcoming film. The film focuses on the weeks after 9/11 and the resulting effects in Afghanistan. We are looking to start sending tracks for this by Friday 25th August so make sure to getting Pitching quick In Afganistan the concept of music is intertwined with instruments, unaccompanied religious singing is not considered music. The music is dominated by string instruments with a fair amount of 'clicks', lots of rolling beats follow a distinct melody and only deviate off it slightly. Percussion is featured in some songs but strings are still the dominant instrument. For a better understanding of the style of tracks we are looking for take a listen to the Reference tracks. This is an unusual Brief and we are looking forward to hearing what you have to offer!

Video Reference

Pashtun Traditional Music
Afghan Folk Music - Babolale

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