URGENT - Electronic Ballad needed for Asian Artist


Project Owner: MusicGatewayAnR

Project Type: Find Music / Songs

Budget: Terms

Pitching Period: CLOSED

Time Remaining: CLOSED


This is an URGENT Brief, we are looking to submit Tracks by Tuesday 29th August. One of our clients in Asia is looking for songs for one of their female acts. She is hugely popular and has recently appeared on a TV Show which has catapulted her back into the public eye. The track we are looking for should be an Electronic ballad, with Alternative elements. This is what would be considered in Western music as a soft pop/dance song. This song can either be solo or duet. For a better understanding of what kind of track we are looking for take a listen to the reference track. We look forward to hearing what you have for us!

Video Reference

The Chainsmokers - Paris (Lyric)

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