Rock & Metal Needed For Indie Short Film's Teaser Trailer


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Hey! Here's one for the headbangers \m/ We're working directly with the music supervisor for a independent action film looking for a rock/metal song to place with the teaser trailer for the film. Being a small indie production, the overall film budget is $20k with $1k going towards music. This means that the budget for the particular placement will be in the $hundreds so please take this into account. We're looking for driving rock/metal in the vibe of the reference track. The super would like for it to have more build though, so it arrives at that high energy toward the end of the track, but doesn't rush into it. Theme not greatly important as long as it's not a love song, not explicit or if there is language, it should be rather inaudible.

Video Reference

Stellar Revival - The Crazy Ones (Lyric Video)

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