Tracks Depicting Paranoia & Delusion For Golden Globe Award Winning Series


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We are looking for tracks that can depict a backdrop of paranoia and delusion. The music we are looking for will support the protagonist of the series as he is guessed it.. paranoid and delusional. We are relatively open with regards to genre, but nothing too happy or too heavy. There needs to be a particular balance between those two feelings for this brief. Think along the vibe of electronic ambient, dreamy dark, rolling electronic, grungy rock etc. As the title states this is for a Golden Globe Award winning series so please pitch your highest quality tracks. Fully mixed, mastered and broadcast ready. Take a listen to the reference tracks to get a feel of what we need. Looking forward to hearing your submissions

Video Reference

Saint Saviour - This Aint No Hymn
The Cramps - Garbageman

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