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We're working with some of the biggest Trailer and Promo supervisors in Hollywood, looking for 'Negative Space' tracks. i.e Tracks that have lots of empty space between big orchestral hits / tech or otherwise. Think Transformers Trailers, Marvel, anything big and action-y. Check out the Baby-Driver trailer from about 1.20 for a good example of what we mean. (A Few people seem to have mis-understood this brief. I've updated the reference files, please ALSO look at the Sicario trailer from 1.50 - end to understand what kind of 'empty space' we're looking for.) Also Also, the London has fallen trailer, which is exactly the kind of negative spacing we're looking for! The reason for this is because the trailers often alternate between clips of talking, and action, so the music must follow suit, ranging from big loud stabs, and moments of quiet (the calm before the next stab). Music like this is very needed in Trailer & promo world. Submissions can be anywhere from 30s, to 2m 30s. Trailer/Promo length please! No specific budgets, but Trailers and Promos are infamous for having great big Hollywood budgets. Looking forward to hearing your submissions! Laurence

Video Reference

BАBY DRІVЕR Official Trailer (2017) Jamie Foxx, Edgar Wright Action Comedy HD
Sicario TRAILER 1 (2015) - Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro Movie HD
London Has Fallen Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman Action Movie HD

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