Single Artwork For Online Only Promotion


Project Owner: Christy

Project Type: Artwork / Logo

Budget: Terms

Pitching Period: CLOSED

Time Remaining: CLOSED


The brief for it is as follows: We are looking for either a photo or piece of artwork for use of online promotion of our song 'One Of These Days'. The photo or artwork needs direct references and links to the Bataclan concert hall attack in Paris 2015. We would preferably like it in B&W and for the image to carry a sense of eeriness that suits the narrative of the song (Bataclan attacks) but fits into the musical genre of acoustic rock and blues. The title of the track 'One Of These Days' needs to be with or incorporated into the picture along with our artist name 'O'Neill Brothers'. It is worth noting 'One Of These Days' as font can either be equal in prominence to 'O'Neill Brothers' or larger than it but not the other way around. We would also accept if the text bears a different colour to the picture.

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