$55K (all-in) URGENT: Energetic, Confidence, Swagger, Urban Tracks Needed


Project Owner: MusicGatewaySync

Project Type: License Music

Budget: Terms

Pitching Period: CLOSED

Time Remaining: CLOSED


***URGENT BRIEF: This will be sent to our client by 18:00 BST We need tracks that sound CURRENT and have a 2017 type of sound. Tracks submitted need some serious energy, attitude, confidence and swagger. The spot is about accomplishment and self-sacrifice. What we DO NOT want: Materialistic clichés in lyrics Hip-Hop/Rap is a good start but we're open to other urban genres such as high-energy Soul could work too. Please take a listen to the reference tracks to get an idea of the sound we're looking for.

Video Reference

The Heavy - How You Like Me Now? (Official Video)
Belly - Man Listen

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