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Music Gateway Spotify Playlists: Round 2! We're putting together another load of Spotify Playlists across different genres and styles, showing off the best tracks from Members on our platform. Please note: only submit songs to this project if they have been already released via Spotify Lucas, the resident office Metalhead, and Jack (who is so pop punk that his surname is “Skates”), are on the search for some face-melting, mosh-pitting, stage-diving, crowd surfing head-bangers for one of our Spotify playlits showcasing the talent we have on the platform. The first round of this search brought some awesome music to our ears and now we're looking to make this playlist even better by adding some more great tracks to it! Genre-wise we're looking for the following and all of their sub-genres rock, metal, punk, pop-punk, djent, hardcore, emo, and sundry. So if you or an artist you represent have released some absolute bangers, send them our way. For those about to Submit, we salute you.

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