£12,000 All In - Upbeat, positive and powerful track for UK Government online campaign


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Project Type: Find Music / Songs

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Afternoon MG team! We’re working on an online campaign for a government funded trust for kids that runs course over half term and we’re looking for the perfect track to appeal to our target demographic of 15 - 17 year olds. The reference tracks should help you out massively with the direction but the ad is all about feeling unstoppable. It starts small and builds to a powerful ending, the track needs to do the same thing, with a clear ‘anticipatory’ intro before dropping into something energetic. It should be positive, with pace and energy. It should be upbeat, with some character to it. It should be confident, with swagger and cool. Please DO NOT send house tracks or anything that is too repetitive. This is a government initiative aimed at teenagers, so lyrically we can’t have any references to violence or drugs/alchohol, etc. Term: 1 Year Territory: UK Length: 1 x 30, 1 x 20, 12 x 10 Media: VOD, Social, Online (client, agency websites, plus all associated websites (example client branded YouTube page) in perpetuity), Radio (traditional and digital) Fee: £12,000 (All-In) Option to upgrade to TV and cinema for £5,000 (At the moment it is only a possibility that this will be run on TV/cinema) Option to renew initial fee for +10% They're looking for the music as soon as possible so we're going to be sending as we get your submissions but the absolute latest is Sunday. We've already sent a playlist of Sync Portal tracks, so if you're not in there already make sure you get yourself in there for future briefs! Thanks and looking forward to hearing your music. Lucas

Video Reference

Kideko & George Kwali - Crank It (Woah!) feat. Nadia Rose & Sweetie Irie [Official Audio]
Tony Montana Music - Bala (Official Music Video)
Elf Kid - Golden Boy - No Hats No Hoods Records

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