Urgent £30,000 Sync Brief - Looking for upbeat, carefree swing with an orchestral element


Project Owner: MusicGateway

Project Type: License Music

Budget: £0 - £30,000

Pitching Period: CLOSED

Time Remaining: CLOSED


This one is definitely one for you composers out there. The clients are pretty clear with this one, they've got their heart set on something similar to the reference track attached to the brief so make sure you check it out and listen clearly to all the elements! Track needs to be in the same vein as the reference so we’re looking for something that is of a similar genre, feel and structure as the reference please. Instrumentals only please. That’s it! Length: Script 1 - 40”, 20” Script 2 - 30”, 20" Territory: UK, ROI Term: 1 Year Media: TV, Online Budget: £15,000 a side (£30,000 all-in) Deadline: 14.00 UK TIME! As is the way the sync world works, super tight turnaround for this one. As always, we've already created and sent a playlist from the sync portal so if the holiday season gets the better of you or your time zone means you missed this one and had the perfect track in your catalogue, I can't stress enough how important it is to get those tracks in the Sync Portal! Or if you want to receive urgent emails to your inbox when a brief comes in, make sure you're an Influencer or Game Changer. Thanks, Sophie

Video Reference

The Secret Life Of Pets (Soundtrack) - Meet The Pets

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