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URGENT $10,000 CAD - Ambient Acoustic tracks with Soft Synth

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URGENT $10,000 CAD - Ambient Acoustic tracks with Soft Synth

This is an URGENT Brief, we are looking to send this by 16:00 GMT 9/1/18, so get submitting! PLEASE NOTE: There CANNOT be AF of M or SAG/ACTRA fees associated with the recording. This is quite a specific Brief, we need ambient acoustic tracks possibly with some folk elements but with a modern element too it. First, the track should include some sort of synth line or any other instrument that makes the song sound more modern. Second, the track should have vocals that are treated in some way. e.g drenched in reverb, run through a flanger, etc. Finally, the track needs to build organically without getting too big. Stay away from being anthemic, instead it should build smoothly into a fuller arrangement (percussion, modern sounding strings, etc.) Basically the idea is that the track should build, and be organic-based, but made more modern sounding through the use of a synth (or other interesting/modern sound) and an effected vocal No reference track for this one so just read the description carefully and if you have something which fits send it our way! Jack

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Ambient Folk Indie Retro Acoustic
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