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URGENT: Open Budget - F**K YEAH feel inducing Track Needed for Big Brand Advert

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URGENT: Open Budget - F**K YEAH feel inducing Track Needed for Big Brand Advert

URGENT: Please note we aim to deliver songs for this brief by 16:00 GMT Today Friday the 19th of January, so please make sure you finish uploading your tracks by 15:30 GMT the same day. COMMENTS: Comments on tracks help us understand the thought behind the submission and make an accurate decision on how suitable your submission is for this brief. Please make sure you add a comment to each track highlighting why you think it's relevant to the brief. We're looking for a song with a sense of optimism, but in more of a “F**K YEAH” way than a poppy, sweet way. The song needs to have a little guts and edge. Don’t want it to feel too bright. Our client has heard a lot of anthem-style music in ads and wants to stretch beyond the slightly expected “optimistic, peppy, lots of clapping with “ooohs” and “aaahs,” sound. The track should drive the edit and push the action forward at a fairly quick pace. It should feel percussive and heavy. Not laconic and melodramatic. Must be modern! Something fresh and current, possibly even something re-imagined. Genre-wise we're looking for something more alternative/indie/rock than country, hip-hop, dance. Please refer to the reference tracks for a better idea. Lyrics should support the optimistic vibe of the piece as a whole without feeling too much like a pep-talk. As is the way the sync world works, super tight turnaround for this one. As always, we've already created and sent a playlist from the sync portal so if you're stuck in the studio or your time zone means you missed this one and had the perfect track in your catalogue, I can't stress enough how important it is to get those tracks in the Sync Portal. Or if you want to receive urgent emails to your inbox when a brief comes in, make sure you're an Influencer or Game Changer.
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