Female singer with fantastic range needed


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Hi, I'm looking for a female singer who can handle singing a note-perfect rendition of Roy Orbison's "In Dreams" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPqZs7Vl_xg You must be able to handle it WITH EASE. We can't have any strained sound, or like you are pushing it to hit either the low or high notes. Your voice must be able to cut through the track like a hot knife through ice cream. I have auditioned 7 female vocalists for this so far, all of them said "can we transpose it?" = nope. It's a challenge. It will be on a work for hire basis. Location is irrelevant so long as you can record on a decent microphone & send it to me. If you have an interesting (natural) accent that could be cool. Please record the track (singing over the original is fine for now) & upload as mp3 so I can hear what you can do. For the right voice I will send our backing track & ask you to do a proper re-record. Looking forward to hearing, thanks.

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