$1,500 - Song with female vocals in the vane of Sarah McLachlan, Liz Phair, Nora Jones


Project Owner: MusicGatewaySync

Project Type: Find Talent

Budget: £1,000 - £1,500

Pitching Period: CLOSED

Time Remaining: CLOSED


Please read the film description to check you're good with putting your music forward before doing so. This is a sensitive and important documentary on the medical profession and doctors who have the highest suicide rate among the professions. Description below. Looking For: Song with female vocals in the vane of Sarah McLachhlan, Liz Phair, Nora Jones Use: End Titles License Budget: up to $1,500 for both sides (Master and Pub. $750 each) Terms: All Rights, All Media, In Perp., Universe Note: The filmmaker is aware that this is a big ask for little cash. She only wants to spend $1k, but is willing to pay $1,500, if she loves the song. Please only send options that you can clear for these terms. Creative Brief: The song should start softly (emotion, reverence, sombre) and then transition into a more hopeful, empowered, strong message and feeling. The end titles will start on images of a Wall of Remembrance with the names of physicians who have taken their lives, but then we’ll need to transition into a more hopeful, empowered feeling. Film Description: Jumping off hospital rooftops, hanging themselves in janitorial closets, overdosing on drugs—they’re A students and their suicides are often like well-planned school projects. Doctors are our healers, yet they have the highest rate of suicide among any profession. Medical students and families of physicians touched by suicide come out of the shadows to expose this silent epidemic and the truth about a sick healthcare system that not only drives our brilliant young doctors to take their own lives but puts patients lives at risk too. Thanks MG community!

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