URGENT: Songs with Iconic 80s Pop Sound Needed for Indie Film


Project Owner: MusicGatewaySync

Project Type: License Music

Budget: Terms

Pitching Period: CLOSED

Time Remaining: CLOSED


*URGENT PROJECT* Please make sure you submit your music latest by 15:00 on Friday the 2nd of March for the initial playlist. *PROJECT DETAILS* This brief is looking for very specific music and has very specific details so please make sure you read them before submitting your music *BRIEF* We're working closely with a music supervisor who is currently looking for music for a small indie film. The film has a very low budget which has left the music supervisor with a small budget for the music side. The license however is only for festivals and the team are hoping to get a bigger budget together after the film is presented at the festivals. The initial budget for the festival license would be between £100 and £200 however this could fluctuate depending on other factors affecting the budget. As always however we will aim to get the best deal possible for the license. We're looking for a song to be placed in a flashback scene set in the 80s. The song is playing on a car radio and has to have this iconic 80s sound. We're all about the vibe on this one so make sure you listen to the reference track which will give you a better idea of the vibe we're going for.

Video Reference

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
Spandau Ballet - Gold
Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time

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