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Hello! I'm Lauren L'aimant. I'm currently working on a solo EP which will be released on my own record label, hopefully around summer time. I write anything from beautiful ballads to commercial house music. I am currently working with big names in dance and electronic music such as Icarus (who are also my managers), Danny Howard, Apres, Parx and Felon, to name a few. I'm reasonably well connected in this respect, and I'm completely driven in what I'm doing. I will be successful. My forte is writing the songs, choosing the instruments and arranging the music. What I'm not so hot on is the intricate detail put into a commercial song, and the mixing / mastering side of things. I am learning, but as you can imagine this is a slow process! Therefore, what I'm looking for is somebody who can help me with this, ideally located in London / The South East, though location isn't essential. I would love for this to be a long term partnership and I would be totally prepared to give you a generous portion of any royalties I earn. I must be upfront and advise that at this point in my career, I'm not able to pay you for these services as I haven't quite got that million pound publishing deal I am so hungry for. I hope that you listen to the music and believe that'll happen someday soon! Please have a listen to the music on my profile, and if you're interested, please apply with some recent examples of your work, and I'll gladly listen to them. Thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you. Lauren.

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