Looking for Unreleased Electronic Tracks with Trap Influences for an Asian Artist


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Project Type: Find Music / Songs

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*** This Track is an A&R Brief to place tracks with an Artist. It is very important that all tracks put forward for consideration are UNRELEASED and UNPUBLISHED *** As with all High Tier Opportunities we will be providing you with feedback on tracks in the File Comments. We are looking for Unreleased tracks for one of our clients in Asia. This Female Artist has very quickly become hugely popular and is putting together a concept album of sorts with multiple chapters/genre influences. The type of tracks we are looking for should be Electronic, trap tracks with ethnic influences in the instrumentation. Tracks need to mysterious and invoke feelings for exploring the unknown, fantasy and seeing a new world. The reference track is spot on in terms of what we are looking for so take a listen below. Look forward to hearing your tracks! Jack

Video Reference

Ekali - Babylon ft. Denzel Curry

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