URGENT £50,000 All In - Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop/Vapourware with Electronica Influences Needed


Project Owner: MusicGatewaySync

Project Type: Find Music / Songs

Budget: £0 - £50,000

Pitching Period: CLOSED

Time Remaining: CLOSED


This is an URGENT Brief, we are looking to send this by Wednesday 4th April 10:00 GMT, so make sure to submit ASAP. As with all High Tier Sync Opportunities we will be providing you with feedback on tracks in the File Comments. *** We have already made a Playlist for this from the Sync Portal, so to get ahead for future Briefs make sure to Submit your tracks to the Portal *** We are looking for tracks for an Ad Campaign for one of our clients. The type of tracks we are looking for should be Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, with Vapourware and Electronica influences. Driving drum beats and dreamy, soundscape style synths are ideal, however use of real instruments would also work great within reason. Other main points the track needs to hit: - A considered opening pace - A build and drop - Raw, soulful vocal Use of lyrics shouldn't be too over the top, however themes around tomorrow, seeing what tomorrow brings etc would be a great bonus. The reference track is spot on in terms of what we are looking for so take a listen below. Look forward to hearing your tracks! Jack

Video Reference

RJD2 - Smoke and Mirrors

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