Budget TBD: Authentic Late 1960s Rock and Roll Tracks needed for Huge TV Series


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Pitching Period: CLOSED

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*** We have already made a Playlist for this from the Sync Portal, so to get ahead for future Briefs make sure to Submit your tracks to the Portal *** As with all High Tier Sync Opportunities we will be providing you with feedback on tracks in the File Comments. We are looking for tracks for a returning US TV Series. This series has been running for a number of years and has a huge young, international audience The type of tracks we are looking for should be STRICTLY AUTHENTIC Rock and Roll recorded and or released in the 1960s, or at a stretch the early 1970s. It would perfect if the tracks had a somewhat psychedelic element too them in their instrumentation. We need leading memorable guitar lines with a really slick and cool tonality, drums that are further back in the mix than something contemporary. We need something closer to Hendrix than The Beatles, so later in the 60s where artists and begun to push the envelope a bit more. The reference track is spot on in terms of what we are looking for so take a listen below. Look forward to hearing your tracks! Jack

Video Reference

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along The Watchtower (Official Audio)
Led Zeppelin- Good Times And Bad Times
The Deep - Color Dreams

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