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About Us: Evolution Media Music is a dynamic production music label with global reach. We deliver high-end production music catalogue for licensing and sync to media. See for further info. The Role: Metadata is crucial to production music, as it enables the end user to search for and quickly find the music they need. We are looking for skilled freelancers to create and process Metadata for our music. This involves listening to each track and writing an accurate description and set of keyword info for it, so that searches return appropriate tracks. It is an exciting opportunity for someone with a keen interest in and knowledge of music for the film and TV to play an integral and vital role in the production flow of a high-end library music label. Terms and Remuneration: This is a remote, freelance position, which will be carried out via an online log-in, on an album-by-album/per-project basis. You will liaise with the label manager on your delivery of the metadata. Fee = £2 per track (for main versions) + £0.50 per track (for alternative versions). An album typically has approx. 12 main tracks + approx. 52 alt versions So typical fee per album = £50 Payment is made on receipt of a valid invoice. Evolution's current output is 3-4 albums per month and increasing, so this is an opportunity to build a steady flow of freelance work to suit your own schedule. Person Specification: The successful candidate will have: - Excellent writing skills, including grammar, proof-reading, and careful attention to detail. - A good understanding of a wide variety of music, and be able to accurately describe it in terms of genre, technical details like dynamics, techniques, instrumentation etc, as well as emotions/moods. - A good knowledge of TV and Film genres, and the ability to recognise the possible areas of media that each track would be best recommended for. - A basic familiarity with the sync/licensing/production music industry. - A solid musical education/background, with at least an Undergraduate degree (most likely in Music / Music Production/Composition / English). - Highly self-motivated, enthusiastic, organised, efficient, communicative, and enjoy listening to music of all genres. Application Procedure: When you pitch on this project, please include a message with a brief summary of your relevant education or experience to date and why you think you would be suitable for the role. We will then accept you through to the workspace where you’ll get access to an .xls file 'METADATA APPLICATION TEST' and three songs within the shared files section. On the .xls, add what you feel is the most appropriate data to describe each track, under the fields in each column (beginning with a one-sentence track description; time signature; key; BPM). From 'Genre-Sub Genre' (column F) onwards, only use terms that you will find on the terms list in Tab 2, choosing and listing the ones you feel fit the track the best. Keep in mind: The data needs to be comprehensive and rich enough to encourage the tracks to appear in appropriate searches and be well-used, but also carefully selective to only include relevant info. If a track is a large ensemble for instance, listing every single instrument is not useful for searches; listing the most important, featured instruments is the goal. To take another example, if there is a mood or emotion that you think is strongly evoked by the track that most people would agree on, be sure to list it; if you think it's quite debatable, don't list it. Once you're done with the test, please re-name the file to include your name, and upload it onto the project workspace. Please also upload your CV with your name on the file name. Many thanks and happy listening.

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