URGENT Dark Heavy Grimy Doom and Gloom tracks for Spotify Playlist!


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PLEASE NOTE: In order for your tracks to be eligible for our Spotify playlist they need to have been released via Spotify. URGENT DEADLINE: We are looking to make a playlist by 23:00 UTC Thursday 9th May so get submitting! TRACK COMMENTS: Please include your social media handles/website in a file comment on your track if you're interested in them being shared by us. We're looking for doom and gloom - from metal to hip hop to grunge and everything in between - we want it all but it MUST be on Spotify. Tracks can be of any relevant genre and we're accepting instrumentals for this one AS LONG AS THEY ARE ON SPOTIFY. Tracks will be featured on Music Gateway's Friday Spotify Playlist on the 10th of May. No budget, but there are opportunities for social media promo & potential profile interviews with featured users. Looking forward to hearing your tracks! Amy

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