ISO Instrumental Tracks (Dance, Pop, Disco).


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Project Type: Collaboration / Cowrite

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I am a topline writer who favors writing in the styles of pop, dance and disco. I am in search of collaborators who either have instrumental tracks in these styles or are interested in writing in these styles. All interested parties, please send me your instrumental tracks and I will write the melody + lyrics then sing a demo. I am MOST interested in writing more songs in the style of my track "I Walk On High". Danceable with a cool vibe, groove and a hooky/catchy melody. Professional quality only. I'll accept demos to work with, but you must be able to produce to industry standard. This includes being flexible with the key of the song. Goal: To begin releasing top notch singles ASAP on a consistent basis. 50/50 split. More about me: Berklee Alum Find me on Spotify under my pseudonym Olivia Brown Find me on the interweb on my website:

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I Walk On High

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