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As well as working with a host of Music Supervisors across EUROPE, USA, Canada and Australia, we also work with a number of A&R Clients.

This can mean a number of things but primarily would be Song-Cut deals, the buyout of the Master of your track to place with another artist.

We are looking to further expand in this direction which is why we are looking for UNRELEASED & UNPUBLISHED across all Genres to showcase to our A&R Clients. Here’s the criteria:

* Please provide tracks that are Unreleased and Unpublished with full information about yourself * If we like your music, we may ask you to create an account and provide us with all the track metadata and rights information (we have created tools to help you manage this process)

* Submit 320 MP3 or Wav Files are also fine

* Please submit songs and any instrumentals as well

We will listen to everything you submit, but due to time restrictions we can’t provide everyone with direct feedback. We will however contact you to let you know if we want to represent you and your music.

Thank you and good luck. Jack & Will.

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