Vocalists/Lyricist's wanted for Sync Licensing and Music Projects


Project Owner: kingprawn

Project Type: Collaboration / Cowrite

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Vocalists/Lyricist's wanted for projects. Open to all vocal styles to match with our current ongoing projects. King Prawn Records is an independent record label based in the North West Of England and always looking to collaborate with Producers/Writers/Lyricists/Singers to work on Sync Licensing and commercial music projects. All music released commercially in (Music Showcase) playlist. For all other vocal ideas/pitches please send to KingPrawn's live projects in Opportunities or message with vocal ideas for future collaborations. If you would like to get in touch or for more information then please connect with our social media sites via our website or through the Musical Gateway.

Video Reference

The Kino Club feat. Kermit & Julie E Gordon - Tear It Apart (Radio Mix)

Audio Reference

Kino - Yeah
Mambo - Acid Blues
The Kino Club - Come On It's You
The Kino Club Feat. Rowetta - So Sweet (Radio Edit)
Spiral - After Dark
Julie E Gordon - LovePower_Original Mix
Julie E Gordon - Lovepower_Radio Edit
The Kino Club feat. Kermit & Julie E Gordon - Tear It Apart - Radio Mix
The Kino Club feat. Kermit & Julie E Gordon -Tear It Apart - Extended Mix

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