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Hi, My name is Fabio Poian, I'm a professional drummer based in London with more than 20 years of experience playing all kinds of styles. In my profile you can find my bio and lots of videos or recordings of me drumming. I have a studio here in town from which I record drums with good quality microphones and preamps and send them to artists all over the world. I am very well versed in different music styles and own all sorts of drums, percussion and drum hardware, including a Roland SPD-S and a TM6 Trigger Module also from Roland, in case you'd like a mix of acoustic and electronic drums on your tracks but played by a drummer. I can also program MIDI drums in Ableton Live or Logic Pro X, either manually or recording MIDI while playing an electronic drum kit if you are after more of a human feel but still want to have the control MIDI gives you. Feel free to get in touch, I'll be more than happy to help you get the drums you want on your songs!

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