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Hi everyone, this is GeoEmm. I am songwriter, music composer and producer. I AM LOOKING FOR A MUSIC PRODUCER AND SONGWRITER TO COLLABORATE. I need a music partner to make a music duet that we will make professional songs and promote them together to the music industry. My goal is to promote my music to the music industry, find a record label and writing songs for other artists. In order to achieve this, I need to find a music partner to help me. We can share our ideas together, writing songs and looking for labels, managers, showcases and other opportunities in order to achieve this big goal. As I am a songwriter mostly I would prefer to find a music producer but it is not demanding. Also, if you have mixing skills it would be great as it is a field that I have weakness. REQUIREMENTS: Producing and songwriting skills, Music knowledge and experience, passion for music and high hopes!! GENRE: Pop, dance, pop/rock, electro, techno, hip-hop Feel free to apply and send me a message with some info about you, what are your goals and some samples of your work if you want. Thank you.

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