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Project Owner: ManWithNoFace

Project Type: Collaboration / Cowrite

Budget: Terms

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Hi People, I just finish an a idea of a track ..but I cant go further away without a yeah im looking for a singer/ mind as me, to get in touch and see what we can do with the track...I just mess around with the synth but the result more less its like that..a melancholic love redemption track..the idea come when I was outsider and I came home after 3 years leaving in other country and just felt the love I was can get an idea/feel of track..looking for someone that can get the feeling of track but as a music lover or art lover I know nothing is I can pay for the vocal or just share your choice.. please let me know what you think and if we click..will do something!! :) Note (im looking for a vocalist! doesn't matter female or male ,age or whatever) Track harmony Gminor track link :

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