Record Label, Publisher, Management A&R Showcase - Ambient/Chill Out Tracks Needed (February 2019)


Project Owner: MusicGatewayAnR

Project Type: Find Music / Songs

Budget: Terms

Pitching Period:

Time Remaining:


This project is for ambient/chill out artists looking to get signed, published, and/or managed. At Music Gateway, we constantly put music forward to labels, publishers, and management companies looking to sign exciting new talent in a variety of genres.

We are looking for a variety of unsigned/unpublished ambient/chill out tracks with beautiful soundscapes and relaxing vibes.

How to Submit

- Please only submit your best 3 tracks to the project - we can request more from you if necessary!

- You can upload your song(s) using the submission button on the right and please don't forget to add your contact details in case we get interest in any of your submissions from a client.

- Message - When sending over your music, it's always good to add some more information about yourself and/or the release and what your main goals are moving forward (sign with a label, publishing deals, looking for management etc). So drop us a short message with your submission!

We also need this information below (as a bare minimum) about any tracks that you pitch, so make sure your METADATA is updated.

- Song Title

- Artist

- Writer Split

- Master Owner

- Publishing Owner (if necessary)

Tracks without this above information/which do not follow the submission format will not be considered or given feedback.

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