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Collaboration Pop Music Album Production In the context of his initiative ''G-Culture'' www.g-culture.com the musician, composer & music producer Goar B www.goarb.com will release an album as a tribute to his worldwide No.1 hit "Mambo No.5“ from 1999 (​20th anniversary​). Read the success story of Mambo No.5 here: www.mambostory.com We offer the chance for talents to collaborate on some tracks for his new album. The aim: To compose songs / arrange tracks in Mambo style with up-to-date drum tracks, sound elements and vocals. It doesn’t have to be strictly Mambo, it can also be Latin style with Mambo flavor. If you're a beat-programmer, composer, arranger, singer etc. please feel free to send us your ideas via e-mail: ​ studio@unicade-music.de We can provide you with a selection of mambo​ ​samples that you may use (or not) to develop your musical ideas. We can also provide you with multitracks of our original instrumental ideas, so that you can work with these tracks. We‘re particularly seeking for talented topline writers and male&female vocalists to sing to our first songs. If you’re interested, we can send you instrumentals of these songs. Examples that combine Latin with current pop music for your inspiration: Cardi B - I Like It · Camila Cabello – Havana · Luis Fonsi - Despacito Any questions? Feel free to contact me: Markus Schnugg studio@unicade-music.de

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